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Welcome to Tru Financial Strategies

Welcome to Tru Financial StrategiesWelcome to Tru Financial Strategies

Our Firm Philosophy


Tru Independent Advice

As an independent firm, we can offer nearly any financial instrument that exists. We believe this adds value over time for several reasons. We are unbiased and not limited by any financial company or vehicle. We do not answer to any big brokerage company, bank, or corporate parent company. As a result, we do not have quotas that require us to push products that might not be the best for our clients.

Tru Focus on Solutions

It is our core belief that we serve as our clients’ comprehensive financial solutions provider, not as a product sales person. Rather than approach your finances with an outdated, product focused approach, we focus on your goals first, then determine how and what we need to do achieve those goals.

Tru Retirement Income Planning

As a firm, it is our experience that the #1 goal of most retirees is to have enough income during retirement and to ensure that income lasts a lifetime. In comparison, many advisors will tell you the most important thing in retirement is the value of your portfolio. In reality, the actual value of your account may not be as important as you originally thought if you are able to retire with enough income to do all the things you hope to do. We utilize a comprehensive planning process to help our clients achieve their objectives. We utilize advanced Social Security planning software and income planning tools to help ensure that your income goals are met during retirement.

Tru Client Interaction

It is our firm belief that client interaction is one of the most valuable parts of our planning process. Client education is the key. Our motto is, “We don’t tell, we teach.” We work together with our clients, get their feedback, and develop a comprehensive plan with them. Only when a plan is agreed upon, is it then implemented.

Tru Transparency

In our opinion, the best way for an advisor to ensure unbiased advice is by using a fee-only business structure. Because we are fee based, our clients can be assured that they will receive unbiased advice. This can be very different from other advisors, who may be paid in the form of sales commissions for selling a particular product—or even fee-sharing from product providers, which may present a conflict of interest. It is also our goal to make sure clients fully understand the benefits and risks of all investments we present.

Tru Peace of Mind

Our focus is very different from other advisors because many of our clients are either retired or pre-retirees and are approaching the distribution phase of financial planning. Many advisors that focus on wealth accumulation do not have the expertise to transition their clients’ assets into the distribution phase. Unfortunately, they often use the same strategies they used when their client was in their 30’s or 40’s. These strategies can be totally market dependent and may fail to take into account the uncertainty of the market. Our strategy is very different, focusing on the world of stable, income generating vehicles for distribution, with an emphasis on long term growth with fiduciary oversite for the remainder of your assets. This allows a retiree to ensure they will protect their wealth while providing for their future.